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Newgate Charlie Bell Alarm Clock

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You can make history, and sometimes you can let history give you a wake-up call. That’s precisely what Charlie Bell, Newgate’s up-to-date version of a twin bell alarm clock, can do for you. With its radial brass case, twin bell, moving hammer, curbed handle, and angled legs, it aims to stay both in character and in style.

What gives its age away is the black Arabic dial, the white numerals in contemporary font and also its 21st century movement, all of which are still very likely to appeal to the fashion-forward decorator in you, if not the nostalgic. Wind up the small hand to set the alarm, and enjoy the familiar ring of the olden days.

Newgate Charlie Bell Alarm Clock - Radial Brass Specifications

Material: Metal, glass lens

Dimensions: 14 x 9.5cm x 5.7cm

Moving hammer with real bell alarm

Design: Newgate

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